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Essential Oil - Lavender

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Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
Color: Clear/very pale amber
Consistency: Thin
Perfumery note: Top/middle. Also useful as a fixative.
Related Planets/Deities: Mercury/Aradia/Hecate
Aroma: Strong, soothing floral odor, prominent floral notes, slight woody undertone
Energetic Properties: Uplifting, calming, clarifying, bonding, divining.

Aromatherapy Properties: The oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sweet,floral-herbaceous scent and balsamic-woody undertone. It is used as a fixativein perfumery and blends well with most essential oils. Lavender is literallythe most popular scent in the world, but not all lavenders are created equally. Our French lavender is the one lavender in the whole world that we haveselected to offer. Its scent is amazingly clear, uplifting, and its soothingpurity is unsurpassed.

Our lavender was selected by Natural Health Magazine as their lavender of choice (Feb. 2009).

Spiritual Uses: Lavender’s ability to uplift the spirit is now legendary, and from this ability comes its long history of use in magickal divination and the acquisition of magickal skills, as well as of general wisdom. Lavender is traditionally associated with love, and is thought to help attract a mate (particularly men).

Blends well with: Almost any essential oil, thanks to its binding and neutral qualities. It mixes particularly well with citrus oils, as well as with Cedarwood, Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Geranium.

History: In the tomb of Tutankhamen, jars containing fragrances similar to Lavender were found. In ancient Greece, Lavender was called “nardus,” or “nard.” Lavender was one of the herbs used in purification of the First Temple of Jerusalem, and Nard is mentioned in the Song of Solomon. In the Roman Empire, too, Lavender was extremely valuable. It fell out of common use during the Middle Ages, and was used and grown only in monasteries and convents. Lavender experienced a revival in Tudor England, and Queen Elizabeth was very fond of it. King Charles VI, of France had the cushions of his seats stuffed with Lavender. Aromatherapy itself was born when, while working in the lab, French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé burned his hand and then used Lavender oil to effectively treat the burn.

Perfect for use with our Ceramic Oil Burners.

Lavender Essential Oil comes in 15mL size.
Price: $5.99 

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