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Gift Sets

The bodhi leaf is the Buddhist symbol for pure and boundless wisdom. A hand gilded bodhi graces the face of each handmade Himalayan paper item in this enlightened collection. Contains Bodhi incense and clay burner. (4 3/8"h)

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1 Box - $9.99
Base SKU:423026040

Tibetan Alphabet Discovery Box
Embark on an inner adventure of discovery while traveling or at home. Create your own sacred space with this handmade gift box featuring the Tibetan alphabet. The Tibetan alphabet evolved in the 6th century during the reign of King Songster Gompo. It was modeled after a Gupta Sanskrit script brought from India. Although spoken Tibetan has many dialects, the written form has remained unchanged for over 1000 years.

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Tibetan Alphabet Discovery Box - $11.99

Morning Star has been one of the best selling Japanese Incense, "Koh" over the past 35 years. This box has 12 boxes of 50 Sticks of each kind of Morning Star fragrance. Morning Star is premium quality incense and these dainty sticks have no wood core for cleaner burning and less smoke for sensitive noses!

Scents included:
-Green Tea 

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(12 Pack Assorted) - $39.99
Base SKU:MSR14

This exclusive sampler pack has one 10 gram box each of Nag Champa's top sellers. It includes a fragrant assortment of 9 scents hand selected from these best sellers: Super Hit, Nag Champa, Natural, Valley of Roses, Fresh Rose, Ajaro, Black Blossom, Royal, Super Sandal, Aastha, and Geet Govind.

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9 Boxes/Pack - $6.99

This charming little log cabin is both attractive and functional. Not only is it a great way to house your incense logs, but the chimney also appropriately serves as place to burn it! The cabin comes stocked with 10 logs of Balsam Fir (Christmas Tree) Incense and a small cedar burner.

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Paine's Log Cabin Incense Burner - $9.99
Base SKU:20046

Fend Shui is the study of how we are affected by the environment and how to manipulate our surroundings to enhance our lives and our fortunes. Each of these incense packs are for a specific Feng Shui element, helping to energize your space in specific ways.

They include: EARTH - stabilizing form and balace, WOOD - bringing in opportunity, FIRE - activating energy, METAL - distilling maturity and restraint, WATER - clarifying emotional perspective.

Now available as a single HEXPACK with 4 sticks of each scent!

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(20 sticks/box) - $.99
Base SKU:INS197H

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