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Carrier Oil - Coconut (Organic)

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Our Organic Coconut Oil is a carrier oil that is smooth, oily, and very useful for aromatherapy applications. Also called fractioned coconut oil, coconut carrier oil contains mostly medium-chain fatty acids, keeping it liquid at room temperature. It will feel very smooth to the skin, but won’t clog pores. Coconut oil is extracted from the white of the coconut, called the copra. This is a great oil for general moisturizing as it creates a protective layer that retains moisture in the skin. It is mild enough to be suitable for those with skin sensitivities. It is one of the few carrier oils that washes out of fabrics relatively easily, a fact many Massage therapists know. These professionals use Coconut oil because it does launder out more easily, saving them the expense of having to replace their sheets.

One of the many benefits of this carrier oil is that, if stored properly, it will never go rancid.

The double bonds of the medium-chain fatty acids don’t oxidize and therefore you can use this oil for an indefinite period of time after purchase.

The other benefits of fractionated coconut oil are:

- Odorless and colorless
- Easily washed out of cloths and sheets
- Absorbs into the skin helping to deliver essential oils
- Won’t clog pores
- Leaves skin feeling moisturized, not greasy
- A natural moisturizer 
- May be used as a lubricant​
​- Mixes well with other carrier oils

All carrier oils, when kept at low temperatures, may appear cloudy (called winterization) and even solidify. Gentle warming at room temperature will clear the oil and restore liquidity.

Fatty Acids:
Caprylic acid 10 to 12%
Capric acid 5 to 7% 
Oleic acid 3 to 4%
Lauric acid 46 to 49%
Linoleic acid up to 1%
Myristic acid 17 to 19%
Stearic acid up to 2%
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