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Blue Lotus Absolute Oil (N. nucifera)

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This is prized Blue Lotus Absolute Oil with a high aporphine and nuciferine content. 1 ton of flowers makes 1 kilo of this precious oil, hence its high price tag. Unlike other absolutes that are often made with harsh chemicals, this absolute oil is made in a strictly controlled, sterile environment, leaving no residue behind. This oil has an extremely rich scent and is completely organic. It comes from a single pond on a small farm in Nepal, and we are the exclusive manufacturers and distributors for this coveted oil.  Truly, this is a product that you have to be absolutely sure of what you are buying.

Nelumbo nucifera (Sacred Lotus Petals) have become etched in folklore because of a fabulous people who supposedly occupied the north coast of Africa and lived on the lotus, which brought forgetfulness and happy indolence. The Sacred Lotus flower was also what the Ulysses' crew smoked after coming ashore following years at sea.
Blue Lotus had a wide variety of uses in numerous historical texts, all of which related to pleasure in some way.  It was used as an aphrodisiac to promote sexual desire and to create a feeling of well being, euphoria, and ecstasy.
This Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is a very specialized and potent product.  Out of the hundreds of orders per year that we receive for it, about 50% are massage therapists who add it to their carrier oils and magical blends to induce multi-sensory experiences for their clients.  Yes, the active alkaloids in this absolute oil can be absorbed through the skin, and in a relaxing environment, with soothing music and a warm touch...this product can help induce quite a powerful experience, both physically and spiritually.
The other unique use is as a herbal smoking additive. Whatever your favorite smoking herb is...whether it's a single herb or an herbal blend...simply add a few drops of this potent Blue Lotus oil to the herbs to heighten and enrich the experience.  If you're smoking out of a pipe, simply add a few drops to the bowl. Not only is Blue Lotus Absolute Oil known for its own unique effects, it is reportedly a powerful potentiator as well.
Blue Lotus Absolute Oil can also be added to an oil warmer for intense aromatherapy, and over 21 customers have reportedly used this as an additive to wine, just as the Blue Lotus Petals or the Three Lotus Paste are used, but we have not tried this ourselves.  Oil and wine don't mix too well together, but we pass the information on, and encourage you to leave comments below about your own personal use and experience with this unique product.
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