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Essential Oil - Sweet Annie

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Botanical name: Artemisia annua
Color: Yellow green to brownish green
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery note: Base
Related planets/deities: Moon/Artemis
Aroma: Spicy, sweet, anise-like
Energetic Properties: Cooling, astringent
Aromatherapy properties: Sweet annie is native to northern Eurasia and is related to the famous absinthe wormwood. Sweet annie stems and leaves are still used in China to make a spicy, slightly bitter salad that is considered a delicacy. Sweet annie essential oil is a yellow to brownish green liquid of medium consistency with a sweet, spicy anise-like aroma. It blends well with jasmine, lavender, oakmoss, and sweet orange oils.

Spiritual uses: Sweet annie’s aroma has a calming effect on the spirit. It is often used to bolster self-confidence and enjoyment of one’s own company when loneliness threatens. In a charm or sachet, sweet annie may be used in ceremonies to increase one’s sexual fulfillment or address dysfunction in romantic relationships.  

Blends well with: Oils of Jasmine, Lavender, Oakmoss, and Sweet Orange

History: Sweet annie, or annual wormwood, has been used since 300 AD to bring down fevers and treat infections, most famously malaria. In the Middle Ages, Europeans would strew the dried foliage around their chambers as an air freshener and moth repellent. It was also thought to counteract many poisons as well as plague, resulting in a huge demand for sweet annie during the plague years. Sometimes confused with Artemisia absinthium, the absinthe wormwood, sweet annie contains no thujone and has slightly different medicinal properties. Both sweet annie and absinthe wormwood were sometimes used to flavor beer before the Bavarian Purity law dictated that only hops, barley and water could be used in beer.

Perfect for use with our Ceramic Oil Burners.
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